Electronic Care Management Solutions *Under const*

HAN offers an electronic care management solution division that works with administers of specialty as well as main stream health products to introduce cutting edge technology to there current offering in order for them to set themselves apart from their competition. Through the utilization of commercially available technology and a comprehensive and technologically savvy IT programming staff, HAN is able to enhance an existing product offering that not only stands out, but also saves time and money for all involved. While at the same time, more importantly, providing the patient of the managed-care organization or government agency with the best service/product available to meet there specific needs.

Electronic Prescribing System Solutions

HAN offers a wireless communication interface between physician, pharmacist, and their health insurance plan thus saving valuable time and expense, as well as reducing prescription errors while clearly communicating formulary guidelines. HAN works with multiple point-of-care vendors to provide your organization with the solution that works best for you. Albeit a simple inexpensive e-prescribing only system or a comprehensive electronic medical record system.

Disease-Based Management Solutions

Through the analysis of data that is either provided by the plan or by one of the two afore mentioned solutions. HAN is able to evaluate situations in which timely, appropriate and relatively inexpensive interventions with at-risk patients (may) result(s) in improved care at a lower cost. Such measures can extend the life of the patient, and improve his or her quality of life, while saving money. Savings can be achieved through early intervention and identification of patients whose cost profiles are likely to grow dramatically.

Out-of-Network Fee Negotiations

When a service or procedure is not provided by an in network provider, HAN helps our clients negotiate discount Etc
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